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Quilt Top & Backing Preparation 

Your quilt top is as important to me as it is to you. I want to ensure your quilt is as wonderful as you expect it. There are a couple things you can do for me to ensure the best possible outcome for your quilt:

Thoroughly press your quilt top. While I will press out any obvious creases from folding, I will not iron your quilt top. A non-ironed quilt top can quilt out wonky. ​

If you have any embellishments to add to your quilt, it is best to add them after the quilt is finished. 

Your quilt backing and batting (if you are providing the batting), need to be 4" larger around each side. For example, if your quilt is 45x60, the backing and batting need to be at least 53x68

Pieced backings are great, but please square up your backing. I will do the best to load the quilt evenly, but I will not square up the backing. 

Drop Off or Mailing

I am located in Eagle Mountain, Utah and always welcome local drop off. Shipping is a great option weather you are local or our of state.  My address will be provided once you fill out your request form.

 I accept quits from all over. 

Local quilt shop pickup coming soon.

Final Thoughts

Your invoice will be sent via email, and once it is paid, your quilt will be sent or can be picked up. Quilts will only be released to client when the payment is made in full.  If the payment is not made, it is assumed that Messy Quilts is the owner of the quilt.

I do my best to ensure high quality quilting for your quilt, and will do anything possible for the best outcome.  Some things are just out of my control such as dark threads showing through or small puckerings in the quilt. I am not held responsible for anything that happens outside of my control. 

Minimum charge of $40 is required.

I do no offer custom quilting at this time...yet...

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