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I understand you are giving me memories and possessions that can never be monetarily replaced. I will check with you on any questions I have through the quilt making process and never cut more shirts than I need for your project. Any shirts unused will be returned to you intact.


A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to put your quilt order in my quilt queue. Once your payment is made, we will schedule your quilt on my calendar. If your shirts are not given to me by your scheduled time, you forfeit your spot and deposit. I am willing to take your memorabilia as soon as you would like to ensure you don't miss your calendar spot. The deposit will go towards the final amount owing.


Due to the nature of custom  quilts, I do not offer returns. I do my best to keep in constant contact with you on layout, sizing and any questions I have to prevent any miscommunication.


I offer free shipping up to an XL Lap size quilt, and quilt larger than that will be billed to you.  I use USPS with tracking and insurance to ensure your package gets to you safely. I can use FedEx with tracking, insurance and signature upon request.  I do everything I can to ensure your quilt makes it back to you. When signing my intake form, you understand that once I mail the box to you, Messy Quilts is no longer responsible for the package.


Do not copy and paste my photos with out credit or asking permission. I support and collaborations and I am willing to work together. Please message me if you have any questions or concerns. I also will not post your quilt without your permission.

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