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T-shirt Quilt Order Form

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to book your quilt.

Once your deposit is made, I will email you information on how to prepare your shirts for me. Please note, I need 3-4 weeks to process your quilt. If we are dealing with a deadline, it's best to get your shirts to me quickly.

Call or text 801-946-7669 with any questions!


For updates or questions, would you like:
What size quilt?

The next section is the fabric that will be on the back of your quilt. Below are some options, and for the most part I can get any color in plain or Grunge (even if you don't see it listed here). If you are unsure, you can choose "Quilter's Choice", and we can chat about options.
The most popular option is Grunge Black.*Colors may slightly differ from screen & real life

White- Plain.jpg
Yellow - Plain.jpg
Red- Plain.jpg
Blue - Plain.jpg
Grey - Plain.jpg
Black - Plain.jpg
White - Grunge.jpg
Yellow - Grunge.jpg
Red - Grunge.jpg
Blue - Grunge.jpg
Grey - Grunge.jpg
Black - Grunge.jpg

Below are quilt pattern options.  This pattern is stitched on the top of the quilt to sandwhich it together. If you are unsure, you can choose "Quilter's Choice". 

Your paragraph text (27).jpg
Your paragraph text (29).jpg
Your paragraph text (25).jpg
Your paragraph text (31).jpg

(Note: I will return any UNUSED and in-tact shirts. I only cut as many shirts as needed for your quilt. I always double check with you before cutting up too many shirts).

Any questions, concerns or special requests for your quilt?

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