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Edge To Edge Cost:


$0.0200 per square inch (starting January 15, 2024) For example, if your finished quilt top is 45 inches by 60 inches you will first multiply 45x60 to get total square inches. Then, you'll multiply the total square inches by $0.0200 to get the estimated cost of your quilting. For Example:

45x60 = 2,700 square inches

2,700 x $0.0200 = $54.00

There is a minimum of $40 as baby quilts are much smaller in dimensions, but require the same time to load on the frame. If your total equals less than $40, the minimum fee will be charged.

No custom quilting is provided at this time....yet....


I provide

Winline 6oz 100% Bamboo - $15.99/yard

100% Bamboo - $15.99/yard

Winline 80/20 Blend - $10.99 yard

You can also bring your own batting if you would like, and I return all batting and backing when finished. 


$2/bobbin. I have a wide variety of colors to choose, and use Glide Thread. King Quilts take about 6-7 bobbins.


Ironing (upon request) is $35/hour. I do not iron the quilt tops unless it is specifically requested. 

Piecing the back of your quilt is $10/seam

Machine Binding is $.15 per inch. You can send extra yardage with your quilt to finish the binding. Any leftover will be sent back to you.

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