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Grid Memory Quilt Information

Grid Memory Quilts are laid out in a grid format with each T-shirt placed upright and centered in each square on the quilt.  You can customize your quilt and include fabric borders.

This website is not set up for ordering capabilities; therefore, the link provide will take you to a Google form. Please email at with any questions!


Pictured: Large Lap With Borders. 16 Shirts. ($375).


Pictured: XL Lap With Borders. 20 Shirts ($400)

NO Borders Grid Quilt Pricing

Each shirt is cut and sewn to each other with no fabric borders in between.

Lap - $275

16 shirts on a 4x4 square.

Ends at about 44"x44".

XL Lap - $325

30 shirts on a 5x6 rectangle.

Ends at about 60"x72".

Queen - $400

64 shirts on an 8x8 square

Ends at about 96"x96".

Large Lap - $300

20 shirts on a 4x5 rectangle.

Ends at about 48"x60".

Full - $350

42 shirts on a 6x7 rectangle.

Ends at about 72"x84".

King - $450

81 shirts on a 9x9 square

Ends at about 110"x110".

WITH Borders Grid Quilt Pricing

A two inch "border" of fabric is applied around each T-shirt.

When ordering, you will be able to choose your fabric color.

Lap - $350

9 shirts placed on 3x3 square.

Ends at about 44"x44".

XL Lap - $400

20 shirts on a 4x5 rectangle.

Ends at about 58"x72".

Queen - $500

36 shirts on a 6x6 square.

Ends at about 86"x86".

Large Lap - $375

16 shirts placed on 4x4 square.

Ends at about 58"x58".

Full - $450

25 shirts on a 5x5 square.

 Ends at about 72"x72"

King - $600

49 shirts on a 7x7 square.

Ends at about 100"x100".

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